Plato's Medicinals Scar Serum


Approved by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Plato's Scar Serum works wonders on surgical and traumatic scars on all ethnicities or skin types. This product contains a self-drying, transparent serum that can be used to improve the appearance of new and existing scars with a potent formula of polysiloxane elastomeric polymers that form a scar-control layer above the stratum corneum. The elastomeric barrier is transparent, water-proof, and clinically approved for the management and prevention of scars. That means Plato’s Medicinals Scar Serum helps soften, smooth, and improve the appearance of scars resulting from skin trauma, surgery, wounds, and burns so you can heal, beautifully. Plato's Medicinals Scar Serum is part of a two-step scar regimen along with Plato's Medicinals Dark Scar Corrector.

100% Polysiloxane formula creates a transparent, water-proof barrier clinically shown to effectively manage and prevent the formation of abnormal scars

    Ideal for use with keloids and hypertrophic scars on all ethnicities and skin types

    Prevents new scar formation and corrects old scars

    Best if used as part of the Scar Therapy Mini Kit

         15 gm

        Key Ingredients



        How To Use

        Use twice daily. Cleanse your skin and pat dry prior to use. Apply a thin coat of Scar Serum onto the skin and massage gently into the scar. Allow the serum to dry on the skin. As part of a two-step scar regimen, apply after using Plato's Medicinals Dark Scar Corrector.

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