What is the Best Scar Cream for Breast Implant Scars?

March 19, 2017

Breast implants are becoming more and more popular in the United States. Sure, there has been a steady incline in the number of women who have breast implants, but the last decade has witnessed important changes in the types of breast implants that are used. A decade ago, saline breast implants were popular, but that has now changed as silicone breast implants have become more widespread.

There are several different types of incisions that are used to place a breast implant. Among the more popular breast implant incision options include the areolar scar, the inframammary scar, the armpit scar, and the belly button scar. There are different reasons to choose each of these scars and the right choice has much to do with your anatomy, the type of breast implant you are going to have, the placement of the breast implant above or below the muscle, and surgeon-preference.

With these incisions, you may notice a scar on your breast that may last for a few weeks, a few months, or even permanently. The goal is to minimize scarring as early as possible, especially in the period right after a breast implant surgery. The earlier you seek treatment, the better control you have over whether a scar will develop. It’s best to minimize poor scar formation on the breasts with simple wound care, scar creams, and laser treatments.

Most breast implant scars respond well to a combination Scar Therapy Mini Kit that includes both the Plato’s Scar Serum and Plato’s Dark Scar Corrector. Kare MD Skin Health is a leader in providing therapeutic dermatologic options and the combination kit can help reduce abnormal scarring before it becomes a problem. If you have already developed a bad scar as a result of your breast implant surgery, you may also use the Scar Therapy Mini Kit to help with dark scars, thick scars, and visible scars that form on your breasts.

The Scar Therapy Mini Kit includes Plato’s Scar Serum to help smooth out hypertrophic and keloid scars; and Plato’s Dark Scar Corrector which is ideal for dark or discolored scars that do not blend into the normal skin.

The scar regimen includes twice daily application of the scar creams, starting with Plato’s Dark Scar Corrector followed by Plato’s Scar Serum. The two scar creams are compatible and work well to diminish the visible signs of surgical scars.